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Zero Fluff Implementation

Effectiveness → Execution → Efficiency

Integrated Implementation



A Game-changing & Hands-on Approach to Growth

  • Professional Plan

  • Implementation Management

  • Authority Content Creation

  • High-performance Training

  • Apply




    Optimized Effectivity for Maximum Profitability

  • Accountability

  • Strategy

  • Clarity Planning

  • Implementation Coaching

  • Content Creation Tools

  • Access for $2,100/m

    minimum 90 days ⇣

    • Accountability Plan

    • Weekly 1:1s

    • Special Pricing for other offers

    • Marketing Campaign Planner*

    • Product Roadmap Builder**

    • Marketing Assets Creator***

  • Accountability



    Get Back & Stay On Track

  • Clarity

  • Momentum

  • Consistency

  • Access for $550/m

    minimum 90 days ⇣

  • • Quarterly Clarity Planning

    • Quarterly Goal Setting

    • Every Other Week 1:1s

    • Weekly Accountability

    • Email Access

    • Messaging Access

    • Tools & Templates

  • Ari Meisel
    Author & Founder of Less Doing

    "He understands productivity and entrepreneurship and what it takes to have the mindset you need to grow a business."

    Mike Michalowicz

    Author, Entrepreneur, and Lecturer

    "Kayvon has the tool and strategies to find the exact fix your business needs."

    Done is Better than Better!™️

    ● There's no shortage of information, tactics, or strategies these days. Feeling overworked and information overload is rampant!

    ● Implementation, however, is very rare. Without implementation, all of that stuff is worthless.

    ● I've been exactly where you are with the same frustrations and I know exactly how to help you take back control.

    Why minimum 90 days for engagement?

    To create noticeable change you need to stay connected to your goals and the process.

    There are two types of connection: Motivational and Rational

    The motivational connection is the emotional relationship with the target outcome. The desire should be strong.

    We form a rational connection when we see that the outcome is actually achievable. Neither is it too big to feel insurmountable nor too small to feel insignificant.

    Working in 90-day sprints will give you just the right balance of those two types of connections (motivational and rational) necessary to create real results.

    * Bonus 1 - Marketing Campaign Planner: Your entire campaign strategy, goals, and messaging to attract the perfect customer to your product and services.

    ** Bonus 2 - Product Roadmap Builder: A unique mechanism that will give your audience absolute clarity and confidence in your offer and their results!

    *** Bonus 3 - Marketing Assets Creator: For All Marketing and Advertising Assets: Nurture Sequences, Lead Magnets, Authority Amplifier Kit, Perfect Sales Script, More …

    $1997/year total value of bonuses. Access is granted while in the program.

    The Choice is Yours

    Effective entrepreneur, unstoppable, clarity, determined, progress, fulfillment, on-track

    Joanna C Strange

    Certified Productivity Coach

    "Kayvon teaches me how to be productive. He helps to bring everything that is in the air, bring it down & focus it laser-like on 1 thing."

    Earl Flormata

    Evil Marketing Genius

    "He has such a powerful message. Five stars & two thumbs up all the way. Our accountability calls have been fantastic!"

    Muhammad Dewj


    "I cannot say enough good things about working with Kayvon. Within 3 months of working with him, my life has been transformed. I am accomplishing far more on a daily basis and despite this, feel little overwhelmed or stress.Kayvon combined practical techniques while working on improving my inner game. He provided me with practical approaches to outsourcing problems, managing my time and exploring various services, products, and materials that have made my life so much easier.My inner game has improved tremendously as well. With Kayvon’s help, I was able to uncover and overcome many invisible scripts and doubts. I am able to reframe problems positively and take advantage of those situations. He has shown me how to work towards my strengths and embrace and eliminate my weaknesses.With his help I am closer to launching a new startup than I have been in years, have more free time to spend with family and friends and most of all, I have the time and energy for myself."

    Helaine Treitman

    Dancer, Entrepreneur

    "I had run into a stuck-point in my business and booked a call with Kayvon, since I’d been part of a very helpful productivity group he ran a few years ago. On this call, I expected him to address ONE of the three issues holding me back. Not only did Kayvon give me much more time than promised, but he addressed all three issues and went deeper on each one than I had hoped for. I came away with simple, practical actions and habits I could implement right away. I felt immediately liberated, with a clear direction on each of my 3 issues. Things began to flow in my business and I developed bulletproof productivity habits I still rely on months later."

    Deidre Sirianni

    Entrepreneur, Radically Aligned

    "I hired Kayvon as a productivity coach to help me simplify and streamline my business. Before working with him, I was working 7 days a week, undervaluing my work, exhausted, and at a point of wanting to quit my business. As a result of working with Kayvon I was able to streamline the business I was in, up to my rates, and see the bigger picture of what I was creating. As a result of the work we did together I got a clear vision of what I really wanted to do and ended up a couple of years later starting a more aligned business. If you're overwhelmed in your business, overworking and undervaluing your work, and need a professional to support you I highly recommend working with Kayvon!"

    Profitability is personal

    I am sick and tired of seeing so many clients and business owners overworked and feeling so much stress and pressure.

    The weight is not only on them but also on their families. I have been on both sides of the situation myself, and I know how difficult it can be.

    I, for one, am not OK with that anymore, are you?

    I decided to simplify profitability for people like us, the day-to-day entrepreneurs who do not come from a business, MBA or finance background.

    Think about it:
    Increasing revenue feeds the ego. But increasing profitability feeds your family!

    I see myself in the business of keeping smiles on faces and families together.

    Dave Will

    Co-Founder and CEO at PropFuel

    "Kayvon can have an awesome effect on you personally and in your business whether you are part of a bigger machine or an entrepreneur."

    Bibigul Amirova

    Teacher, Yogi, Entrepreneur

    "Kayvon gives me the right piece of advice at the right time which helps me feel inspired. And he makes me believe that I can do it."

    Kevin Koym

    Founder & CEO Tech Ranch

    "Kayvon helped me become more effective when I was blocking my business’ growth. He has a lot of insight and also a very patient style."

    Tom Beal

    Chief Inspiration Officer

    "After meeting and working with most all of the living legends of marketing and personal & business development over the past ten years, and some who are no longer with us (Zig & Jim Rohn specifically), it is rare that I meet someone who is able to contribute value at the level my friend Kayvon does. His vast expertise, commitment to excellence, ability to simplify the complex, guidance and wisdom is unparalleled. Very few could walk in his shoes as it takes a level of commitment most are not willing to give. That same commitment is brought to Kayvon’s clients. He can and does assist them in getting the clarity and focus necessary to transform their trajectories, results, and lives. If you get a chance to chat or work with Kayvon, take advantage of it. Opportunities like this are meant to be seized. He is currently a gem that the people in the know are grateful for, and I predict he will be well known in a short amount of time. Reach out to him, while you can. You can thank me later. Make Today Great! P.S. – The title below was given to me by Kayvon."

    Anna Gradie

    Confidence Coach

    Kayvon’s Offer Design Workshop made a huge impact on my small business. 
    As a coach focused on serving others, selling doesn’t come naturally to me. 
    The actionable content, helpful worksheets, supportive coaching group accountability, and constructive feedback empowered me to create my own irresistible offer. 
    I got value on day ONE by implementing the strategies recommended and the insights I gained about my business, my ideal client, and my offer. 
    If you do the work during the workshop, you will have an offer you are proud to share with your target market, and you will close more deals.

    Reza Jafari

    Avrio Accounting Solutions

    I was being bombarded with different ways of coming up with an offer and was stuck, but after one 30 min session with Dr. K that changed 180 degrees. 
    By the end of the session, I knew exactly what to do and actually did most of it in the session with him on the drawing board! 

    I help overworked entrepreneurs implement effective growth strategies.

    Rosa Chen

    Founder & CEO, AI Light Up

    "Kayvon helped to become clear as a CEO."

    Peter Mohr

    Founder of Entrepreneurial Counsel

    "He an outside the box thinker. He is going to help you to push through those procrastinations."

    Malte Holm


    "He asked the difficult questions that are on the way to growth, when you need to hear them."

    Romi Gill

    Entrepreneur, Fitness Coach

    "Kayvon has a way to teach you more in less time and he taught me how to get things done faster."

    Dai Manuel

    Entrepreneur, Health Junky

    "Sometimes it just takes the right mentor to ask the right questions, push the tough and uncomfortable buttons, and call us out on the “noise factor” of our lives, to make everything seem clearer."

    Steve Martin

    CFP, RLP, Financial Planner

    "As an entrepreneur, Kayvon's insights into the real problems I am facing, his knowledge of excellent solutions, and his positive coaching style have made my life simpler and my use of time immensely more effective."

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